My Street 串門趣

  • 英國/2007/Digital Betacam/彩色/48分
  • United Kingdom/2007/Digital Betacam/color/48min
  • 導演Director: Sue Bourne? Original language: English??
  • Running time: 48’?
  • Genre: Documentary / Cutting Edge Strand for Channel4
  • Director: Sue Bourne? Produced by: Wellpark Productions
  • Broadcast by: Channel 4? Total budget in Euro: 160.000,

Sue Bourne的製作公司叫Wellpark Production,是兒時故鄉蘇格蘭Alloway的街道名,成立公司八年來,她拍了一系列有受矚目而有特色的紀錄片,包括 「串門趣」(My Street),「結婚日」Wedding Days, 「母親與我」Mum and Me, 「一朝看盡生死愛」 Love, Life and Death in a Day.
「這些影片備受矚目,每一部影片各以六個月完成,我希望能吸引廣大的觀眾,因此所選的主題以觀眾會感興趣的為主, 《串門趣》是始於家家都有好戲碼的信念,於是就從自家巷弄開始拍攝。我最大的樂趣是在看似平凡的事物中發現其不平凡的一面,就如我其他的影片一樣,《串門趣》的構想很簡單,但是卻扣人心弦,引發大家熱烈討論有關孤獨、鄰舍以及我們的生命等議題。」

Sue Bourne named her production company after the street she was brought up in in Alloway, Scotland. Since the company’s formation eight years ago Bourne has made a name for herself as the author of a series of highly individual, high profile documentaries, including My Street, Wedding DaysMum and Me, and Love, Life and Death in a Day. ?
“The films are high profile because I spend six months making each one and I like getting big audiences so I choose subjects that I think will appeal to lots of people. The evolution of My Street was born out of my belief that there’s a story behind every door. So where better to test that theory than in my own back yard.
What I enjoy doing more than anything is finding the extraordinary in the apparently ordinary. Like many of my films My Street was a very simple idea. But it worked – it struck a chord with everyone who saw it and ignited a debate about isolation, neighbourliness… and indeed, how we all lead our lives these days. “ 


The Golden Oldies 嘻哈爺奶

  • 丹麥/2008/Digital Betacam/彩色/25分
  • Denmark/2008/Digital Betacam/color/25min
  • 導演Director:Ulrik Jorgensen
  • Genre: TV-Specific / Factual entertainment
  • Year of production: 2008???
  • Director: Ulrik Chr. Jorgensen
  • Produced by: Metronome Productions
  • Total budget in Euro: 65.000,

Ulrik Jorgensen 出身於丹麥新聞學院,其後為DR1 及? TV2製播過許多類型的節目,2001至2002期間曾定居於美國達拉斯,是一位經驗豐富的全方位電視人。

Ulrik Jorgensen is a trained journalist from Danish School of Journalism.? He has been producing various programs for DR1 and TV2. He lived in Dallas in United States from 2001 to 2002. He is an expererienced professional in the TV media.?

Horizon: How Mad Are You? 到底誰瘋了?

  • 英國/2008/Digital Betacam/彩色/59’
  • United Kingdom/2008/Digital Betacam/color/59 min
  • 導演 Director: Rob Liddell?
  • Produced by: BBC?? T
  • otal budget in Euro: 105.000,

Rob Liddell 為BBC時事部門拍攝科學議題紀錄片已長達六年,他的作品包括了代表作「千辛萬苦求子記」(A Child Against All Odds),是歷經兩年拍攝,探討了基因篩選及精子捐贈等議題

Rob Liddell has been making science documentaries for 6 years in the BBC’s Factual Department.  His work has included A Child Against All Odds, a landmark observational series following couples undergoing IVF.  This project was filmed over two years and delt with issues from genetic selection to gamete donation. 

Rob Liddell 於2007年加入BBC的Horizon地平線團隊,首先拍攝了登上聖母峰的醫療探險旅程,「遊走於死亡邊緣的醫生」是共兩集的影片,以三個月時間補捉了前所未有的攀登世界第一高峰的畫面,甚至拍到於海拔8500公尺採集動脈血液標?的珍貴紀錄。「到底誰瘋了?」由Rod Liddell製作、編導,他仍繼續服務於「地平線」團隊。

In 2007 Rob joined the Horizon documentary strand starting by filming a medical expedition to Mount Everest.  The two part special Doctors in the Death Zone was the culmination of a 3 month expedition to Everest and captured never seen before footage of climbing the highest reaches of the mountain, including scenes of the highest arterial blood sample being taken at 8500m above sea level.

Rob went on to direct and Produce How Mad Are You? And continues to work on Horizon.

Embarrassing Bodies 限制級診療室

  • 英國/2008/Digital Betacam/彩色/60分
  • United Kingdom/2008/Digital Betacam/color/60min
  • 導演Director: Harry Beeney(無簡介 profile not available)
  • Genre: TV-Specific / Primetime Health
  • Pduced by: Maverick TV? Broadcast by: Channel4

Straight talk 糖糖真心話

  • 西班牙/2008/Digital Betacam/彩色/24分
  • Spain/2008/Digital Betacam/color/24min
  • 導演Director: Fulvia Nicolas & Joan Pavia
  • Genre: TV-Specific / Docutainment
  • Total budget in Euro: 40.000,- / Episode
  • Produced by: Televisio de Catalunya, TV3

ulvia Nicolas 自1989年起服務於TV3-Catalonia,起初是新聞部的記者,1995年起加入紀錄片暨新類型部門直到如今, 她擅常拍攝以人為主體的紀錄片,口述歷史與傳記也是其專長。她經常與Joan Pavia合作,正籌拍「糖糖真心話」續集。

Fulvia Nicolas i Tolosa
Series director.
Working for TV3-Catalonia since 1989. Initially hired as a reporter/journalist? for the News Department (1989-1995), in 1995 joined the Documentaries and New Formats Department, where still is currently working, specialized in human interest documentary series as well as oral history and personal memoirs. She worked as a researcher and scripwriter for “Cacadors de Paraules” (Word hunters,2007), a docutainment about catalan language usage, and in 2008 was –with Joan Pavia- the co-author and series director of “Sense Embuts” (“Straight talk”), a documentary programme about how do people cope with dramatic changes in their life. It was selected to be? screened at the Input TV meeting 2009 in Warsaw (Poland), and has been awarded with several prizes in Catalonia.

Joan Pavia 自1987年起進入 TV3-Catalonia,起初擔任新聞部的攝影師和剪接師,也製作運動及時事節目。1977年起他加入紀錄片暨新類型部門,開始擔任導演,參與許多不同影片之製作,Fulvia Nicolas是他有默契的好搭檔。

Joan Pavia i Segura (Barcelona 1966)
Filming director.
Working for TV3-Catalonia since 1987, at first as camera and editor for the News Department, and also for several sport and weekly current affairs programmes. In 1997 joined the Documentary and New Formats Department of TV3, as a film director? in documentary series as “Vides Privades” (Private Lives, 1999-2000), “Explica’ns la Teva Vida”(Tell us your Story, 2000), “Dies de Transicio” (about the political changes in Spain at the end of Franco’s dictatorship), and “Amors” (Lovings, 2002). “Lovings” was selected to be screened in the Input 2003 in Aarhus (Denmark). In 2008 he was the co-author and filming director of “Sense Embuts” (“Straight talk”), a documentary series about how do people cope with dramatic changes in their lives. It was awarded with several prizes an Catalonia and was selected and screened in the 2009 edition of Input TV in Warsaw (Poland). Tv3 is broadcasting now his last work a a film director, “Sexes en guerra”, a docutainment about the war of the sexes from a scientific point of view, while he prepares the filming of the second part of “Straight Talk”,? together with Fulvia Nicolas.

Miracle Body - Running: Built for Record Speed 解構極速男
(本片製作總監將出席高雄場之Q/A場次 Chief Produer Kazuaki Ikeda 池田和明 will attend the Q/A session in Kaohsiung)

  • 日本/2008/Digital Betacam/彩色/49’
  • Japan/2008/Digital Betacam/Color/49’
  • Country: Japan? Genre: Documentary / Science
  • Year of production: 2008? Director: Yoriko Koizumi
  • Producer: Isao Kimura & Kazuaki Ikeda? Total budget in Euro: 970.000,
  • Produced by: NHK - Japan Broadcasting CorporationBroadcast by: NHK

小泉世里子是NHK的資深製作人,畢業於美國阿拉巴馬大學新聞學院,取得碩士學位後,於1992年進入日本放送協會情報網絡株式會社(NHK Joho Network)擔任導演,主要參與需要做海外研究的紀錄片,小泉世里子擅於使用高科技攝影器材,「解構極速男」是其最新完成的力作。

Yoriko Koizumi
Senior Producer, Program Production Department, NHK Joho Network
Yoriko Koizumi joined NHK Joho Network (an NHK affiliate) in 1992 as a programme director, beginning her directorial career after earning an MA at the journalism school of the University of Alabama. She works mainly on NHK documentaries that involve overseas research.
Koizumi’s work is distinguished by efforts to use innovative camera techniques. Standout examples include “The Red Wing”, a documentary in which a cameraman in a motor paraglider gave a bird’s-eye view of the Silk Road, and “Einstein’s Eyes”, a weekly programme in which special photography using high-speed cameras captured a world that can’t be seen with conventional shooting techniques.
Ahead of the Beijing Olympics this year, Koizumi used her special-photography know-how to particularly great effect in “Miracle Body”, a documentary series that visually reveals the physiological secrets of top-class athletes.
Major Works
“Miracle Body—Running: Built for Record Speed” (2008)
“Einstein’s Eyes” (2007)
“The Impact of Online Advertising: A Report from the United States” (2006)
“The Red Wing” (2005)
“Creating the Unknown: The Challenges of CG Artist Yoichiro Kawaguch

The Red Race 紅跑道

  • Original title: 紅跑道
  • Running time: 70’
  • Country: China? Genre: Documentary
  • Year of production: 2008
  • Director: Chao Gan干超
  • Produced by: 德國NDR &上海紀實頻道 Shanghai Media Group
  • Broadcast by: Documentary Channel SMG
  • Total budget in Euro: 50.000,


In 2000 Chao Gan got his Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Literature, Department of Chinese Language and Literature at Fudan University in Shanghai, China. In 2002, he completed Master of Arts in Television Studies, Department of Drama at the University of Bristol in UK. He works as director at the Documentary Channel in Shanghai Media Group. Chao Gan’s films include:
---Last House Standing (2004)(Grand Prix, EIDF International Documentary Festival;Bronze Award, Aljazeera International TV Production Festival;Gold Award, China Documentary Award;Runner-up Prize, China Documentary Academy Award).
---Nobody’s Child (2007)
Busan Bank Fund Prize, Pusan International Film Festival
International Documentary Trailblazer Award, MIPDOC2007, Cannes
---The Red Race (2008)
The George Foster Peabody Award
Best Social Documentary, Shanghai TV Festival
Best Documentary, Barcelona International Documentary Festival
Best Documentary, Zagreb Film Festival
Best Documentary, China TV Academy Award
Special Jury Prize, AFI Silverdocs
Special Jury Prize, Hamptons International Film Festival
Platinum Award, Houston International Film Festival

The Afternews南韓反美牛實錄
本片代表安亨浚先生將出席台北場Q/A場次 (Presenter Mr. HyungJoon Ahn will attend the Q/A session in Taipei)

  • 韓國/2008/電視專題/40分
  • Korea/2008/TV-Specific/40’
  • 導演Director: Won-suk Choi
  • Year of production: 2008?? Director: Won-suk Choi
  • Producer: Nung-ho Yoon?? Total budget in Euro: 13.800
  • Produced by: Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation – MBC

與談人: 安亨浚
安亨浚1986年從Kyung Bok高中後,就讀國立首爾大學,獲得社會福利學士學位,1994年完成在國立首爾大學社會科學系的學業。1994年到2000年之間,擔任YTN新聞部記者。他製作過時事紀錄片the Geumgangsan節目,

Presenter: HyungJoon Ahn
He graduated from KyungBok High school in 1986 and attended Seoul National University. He has a bachelor’s degree in social welfare and he completed the course of social science at Seoul National University in 1994.
From 1994 to 2000, he worked as a reporter of YTN News Department. He produced? the program ‘the Geumgangsan’, current affairs and documentary film.
Since 2001, he has worked for MBC in the Afternews under news department.
From August 2008 to September 2009, he was in the Asia Pacific Research Center of the Standford University in the United States as a visiting scholar.

RiP: A remix manifesto

  • 加拿大/2008/紀錄片/85分
  • Canada/2008/Documentary/85’
  • 導演Director: Brett Gaylor
  • Director: Brett Gaylor
  • Produced by: Eyesteel Film & National Film Board of Canada

Brett Gaylor(作家/導演/編輯)是紀錄片和新媒體導演。他創立了影片混拼社群,來支持並協助製作他的紀錄長片《RiP: A Remix Manifesto》。他也是Homeless Nation.org的網路製作人,這個網路計畫致力於為數位鴻溝搭起橋樑—讓所有人都能參與線上文化。布瑞特是加拿大首批影片部落客之一,並為青少年和媒體工作十餘年,同時也是Gulf Islands影視學校的資深講師。

BRETT GAYLOR (Writer/Director/Editor) is a documentary filmmaker and new media director. He is the creator of, a video remix community that supports the production of his feature documentary RiP: A Remix Manifesto. He is also the Web producer of Homeless, a Web project dedicated to bridging the digital divide - allowing everyone to participate in online culture. Brett is one of Canada‘s first videobloggers and has been working with youth and media for over 10 years, and is a founding instructor of the Gulf Islands Film and Television School. DANIEL

Welcome to Westerwald小城瘋牛仔

  • Director Tomy Wigand will attend the Q/A session in Kaohsiung
  • 德國/2007/Digital Betacam/彩色/89分
  • Germany/2007/Digital Betacam/color/27 min
  • 導演 Director : Tomy Wigand
  • Genre: Fiction / Comedy
  • Director: Tomy Wigand
  • Produced by: Teamworx Television & Film GmbH
  • Broadcast by: ARD? Total budget in Euro: 1,600.000,
導演Tomy Wigand是位經驗豐富的導演,將參加高雄場問答場次。